Benefits of Vehicle Magnets & Decals

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Benefits of Vehicle Magnets and Decals

If you drive down the road, we’re willing to bet you’ll pass by one or more vehicles with mobile advertising displayed via magnets, decals, or car top signs. Whether it’s a pizza delivery driver, landscaping service, realtor, insurance company, or even a printshop like ourselves, we’re all using vehicle graphics to gain exposure and recognition. This type of signage acts as mobile advertising, covering more ground by traveling and parking in various places, while out for a service or sales call. You’ll have a new audience wherever you drive!

Vehicle Magnets
Magnetic signs are an affordable, effective way to advertise and promote your business. They can be customized to describe your brand and contact information for a customer to easily note. They’re easy to install and very portable to transfer to different vehicles. For example, an employee can take the car magnet off their car and transfer it to a coworker’s when their shift is over.

Vehicle Decals
Decals are higher in price range depending on the graphic coverage. Decals give your business vehicles a professional touch, while promoting your brand. Decals can be customized and designed to cover a small area like your door panels or can be full vehicle wraps. Decals are a better option for your vehicle, over magnets, if you plan on having graphics on your car for a while.  They last longer than magnets and are better for the body and paint of your vehicle. Though decals may cost more than magnets, you may incur more of a savings over time by opting for decals.  Magnets need regular maintenance by keeping it clean and dry.  Sometimes magnets can have dirt and residue built up between the two surfaces weakening the magnetic hold. The dirt can also scratch the paint or even remove paint (if the magnets are not maintained) when the magnet is moved.

Make sure to weigh all of your options based on your individual business needs.  Reach out to us for help in determining which option is right for you! 877-575-3873 |