Fuse Prints: About Us

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Ever wonder how we chose our business name: Fuse Prints?

We originally thought of "Fuse" during a brainstorming session because our last name is Cannon.  We were thinking of all terms associated with a cannon and trying to relate them to our small business vision and goals. After giving it some thought, we determined "Fuse" would be the perfect way to describe our print shop since you can fuse things together.  In case you’re curious, the definition is:

fuse - /fyooz/, verb. Join or blend to form a single entity.

As a print shop, we fuse your vision with our technology and creativity to combine all details into a final piece of printed art!

More About Us:

We are a family-owned and operated business with 16+ years of combined experience in the marketing and large format printing industry.  Fuse Prints was founded in 2014 with the idea to create innovative, high-quality print products.  We offer banners, tradeshow graphics, photography backdrops, decals/stickers, canvas, and custom signage.  We strive to create high quality prints and the best customer experiences.  Our small, but mighty team offers our expertise and creativity to you!  We have always had a love for creativity and an eye for quality.  We are constantly coming up with innovative print ideas and would love to hear your thoughts on custom projects.

Reach out to us today, so we can ignite the fusion process!